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Family run, locally made

Island Adirondacks was born from a passion for all things Hamptons. As a registered builder and registered carpenter Josh has spent the last 15 years creating beautiful American style homes.

In 2018 we finally decided to make our dreams a reality and escape the rat race in Melbourne to make a sea change. We bought land in San Remo (the quaint shipping village just before the bridge to Phillip Island) with the aim of raising our two young boys in a quiet, friendly community. In keeping with our desire to work less and spend more time together as a family Josh has moved his focus from building homes to crafting furniture. In his workshop Josh’s passion for American style and quality furniture combined to create Island Adirondacks.  Each and every Adirondack chair, accessory or outdoor dining setting handcrafted by Josh at Island Adirondacks is made to last using sustainably sourced Spotted Gum and quality hardware. We hope you love them as much as we do.

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